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Name:Gardening with Australian Natives.
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Welcome to Gardening with Australian Natives.

This place is designed for people who are attempting to use sections of their garden, or their entire garden, to plant Australian natives. Subjects that are welcome:

- Talking about all aspects of gardening with Australian natives (including nursery and plant recommendations).
- Asking questions about how to deal with issues with plants (keeping in mind that it's best to ask a nursery who is familiar with your species first, and that all advice is taken with a grain of salt!)
- Talking about lawn alternatives (artificial / sustainable etc.)
- All discussions regarding xeriscaping (waterwise planting).
- Maintaining native gardens.
- Pictures are welcome; though if you're posting more than one picture, please put the rest under a cut!
- Favourite plant recommendations / plant wishlists.

What this community is NOT for:

- Discussing of the planting and gardening of exotics (like roses or non-native palms) in Australian gardens.

General rules:

- Please act with maturity. Debate is fine, but don't devolve into attacking a person for their choices.
- More depending on what's needed, I guess!


Planting with Australian natives, in Australia, is slowly growing in popularity; but when one considers the diversity of Australian endemic flora, it's surprising that it hasn't become more popular. As a result, in many states, the amount of nurseries that stock natives (and especially local natives) are few and far between when compared to more generic nurseries that stock exotics that often need a lot of care and fertilising just to survive in our generally poor nutritive soil and harsh climate.

This community is for all people who are interested in gardening with Australian natives. Whether you want to do it one day but haven't gotten a patch of land yet. Whether you're doing it in pots. Whether you've devoted a section of your garden, or your whole garden, to Australian native planting; you're more than welcome. :)

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