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Taxonomy stuff: Phebalium daviesii
Common name/s: Davies' Wax Flower, St. Helen's Wax Flower, Tasmanian Federation Flower
From: endemic to Tasmania
Status: considered Critically Endangered in Australia (in 2008 less than 20 individuals remained in the wild), not listed in IUCN

Found: Try the Tasmanian Habitat Plants nursery. The Tasmanian Cradoc Nursery doesn't currently have it in stock.

Short and Simple -
Habit: Shrub
Colours: Dark green, glossy foliage, and a profusion of pale yellow or white flowers in Spring.
Height/Width: 0.6 to 1.5 M wide x 1 to 2.5 metres high.
Suitable: Moist well-drained location, part-shade or part-sun.

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Eremophilas are a group of extremely hardy, drought tolerant, waterwise choice for planting in Australian gardens. That there are a ton of them, and they all generally look varying forms of stunning, is an excellent reason to place them in your garden. The grow as small trees, shrubs, low-spreading shrubs and ground-covers, and more and more nurseries are offering cultivars.

Eremophila racemosa - one of the more common species to be found in nurseries.

information about the Eremophila. Dos and don'ts. )

Here's a small selection of some of the exceptional species for local gardening, and corresponding photos. )


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