Jun. 23rd, 2011

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Well, things are just starting to flower in our garden. And the Lechenaultia biloba, which I only put in a few weeks ago, already has flower buds! So that's taken really well in our soil. HUZZAH. It will have lovely blue flowers. I find myself hoping they won't flower when I'm on holiday!

Our 'no water' garden. It looks really scruffy right now, because it's due some re-mulching. But the plants are all thriving, and require NO water for 9 months of the year. The other three months, about 10 plants only require watering once a week, maximum. The rest require no water 12 months a year. They need a twice yearly sparse distribution of low phosphorus release fertiliser designed for local natives, and they're all Australian, and many are endemic to the SW corner of Australia, and stunningly beautiful. They attract native flora and fauna (and parasites and pests! - but this being said, many of the plants have developed their own ways of dealing with these pests, which makes the garden an interesting ecosystem to observe).

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